Q. How do I schedule an appointment? Do I need a referral?

A. If you have a prescription or physician order, scheduling your visit is as easy as giving us a call! All we’ll ask is for basic information such as your name and the type of test that was ordered. If you need to reschedule your exam, you can call us back, and we'll be happy to arrange a better time for you.


Q. How do I prepare for my examination? 

A. Once you’re scheduled, we'll give you the essential preparation instructions. If your primary physician arranged the exam for you, feel free to call the imaging facility where your procedure is being performed for more information. 

Make sure to bring the prescription or physician order for your examination if it hasn’t been emailed/faxed over by your physician’s office. We also require your insurance card and a photo ID. If you have any films from another facility, about the area to be examined, please bring them as well.


Q. How do I pay for my visit?

A. PrimeImaging will check with your insurance company in advance of your visit to determine coverage. Unlike many health care providers, we’re happy to help you understand the costs of tests we offer, and how much to expect your health plan to cover. 

Our expert team can accept payment by cash, personal check, all major credit cards, and health savings account at the time of your appointment.


Q. What health insurance do you accept?

A. We accept most major insurance plans.. Because contracts with insurance providers change often, we suggest you call us to discuss your insurance and how we can assist you prior to your visit. We also have cash prices for those without insurance. 


Q. When will I get my results?

A. We pride ourselves on fast results. At PrimeImaging, we work to minimize the time you wait, and in most cases we achieve same-day results to your physican's office. If you need to get a copy of your results and your images, please give us a call, and we will work to arrange a convenient time for your pickup.

When picking them up, please be sure to bring a picture ID. You will also need to sign a medical images release form. If anyone else picks up your CD/films for you, please be sure to give him/her your written authorization to release your information.


Q. How will my referring physician receive my results? 

A. Your physician will receive a copy of your exam report generally within 24 hours of your testing! In addition, your exam images may be sent electronically to your physician. We offer safe and secure web access for your physician through Specialty Networks, ensuring privacy and HIPAA compliance.

If you would like us to send a copy of your study to a physician outside the PrimeImaging system, we will need a signed release from you, information on the exam you would like sent, and the receiving doctor's name and address. You can deliver a signed release form in person, or fax it to the number listed on the locations page.


Q. What is the cost to get a copy my results?

A. Whether you need a copy of your report or a CD with the images from your test, getting your results is completely free!