Services Overview

For over sixty years, PrimeImaging has built a reputation for introducing superior imaging technology that makes a difference to the physicians and patients of our community. Combined with a multi-talented team of radiologists who hold on to the tried and true principles of integrity, compassion, and commitment to our patients, PrimeImaging is the number one choice all imaging needs.

Our PrimeImaging Battlefield, PrimeImaging Chattanooga Outpatient Center, and PrimeImaging & Vein Center locations offer CT, MRI, ultrasound, and mammography; as well as diagnostic x-rays, digital fluoroscopy, and nuclear medicine plus other services in a convenient outpatient setting.

Additionally, PrimeImaging Battlefield and PrimeImaging Chattanooga Outpatient Center offer PET/CT services. PrimeImaging & Vein Center provides treatment for vein issues like varicose and spider veins. Biopsies and therapeutic injections can also be performed at each PrimeImaging location. PrimeImaging PET/CT focuses exclusively on PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CT (Computed Tomography) imaging. All PrimeImaging sites provide 3T high field open MRI to better accommodate patients with pain and mobility issues, and to provide overall patient comfort.

With faster scan times and superior image quality, there is less need for sedation—and it costs the same as lower field MRI scans. By creating a vast area network and utilizing features of Chattanooga's Gig network, PrimeImaging radiologists can transfer images from one practice location to another for consultation with a subspecialty expert at a different branch. This level of communication results in improved patient care on a daily basis.