Outpatient Radiology Facilities Save You Time & Money!


If you need an MRI, CT scan, x-ray or other radiology procedure, it’s likely that your doctor will refer you to a radiologist. Based on your location and who your doctor works with, they might send you to a hospital-based facility. It’s important for you to know that YOU can select your radiologist, just like you can select your primary care doctor. 

Why does it matter? If you have a high-deductible health plan, or if you pay co-insurance (it’s typically 20 – 30 percent of the bill) then you know that it’s important to ask questions about pricing, value and out of pocket costs. 

As a group of independent imaging facilities, PrimeImaging offers many benefits to patients. Our independence means you can see lower costs, faster results and shorter wait times. We can save you as much as 50 percent on some procedures!

If you are in an accident or have a heart attack, you need immediate emergency care at a hospital! Insurance companies pay higher rates to hospitals because they must work 24/7, and juggle appointments as well as these emergency cases. Those costs get passed on to you. If your appointment is a routine screening or part of ongoing treatment, you can choose PrimeImaging to save yourself time and money.

We also work diligently to get most results to your physician within 24 hours. Waiting for a diagnosis is extremely stressful! If our own family member were waiting for results, we would want them to be first in line. We bring that mindset and level of service to each of our patients every day. 

We work with most insurance companies and can give you approximate out-of-pocket costs for our procedures. Call us to discuss how we can help you save!