Why Choose Prostate MRI

Thanks to evolving technology and the dedication of today’s innovators, doctors are equipped now more than ever on detecting and combating cancer. In the world of prostate cancer surveillance, nothing is rising to the top more than magnetic resonance imaging. Better known as MRI, this technology merges the magnetic field, radio waves, and computers to produce highly detailed images of humans internal structures in a noninvasive way.

The PrimeImaging Chattanooga Outpatient Center’s 3T High Field Open MRI offers the most comprehensive imaging of the prostate leading to more accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

According to the American Journal of Roentgenology, the second leading cause of cancer death in men is prostate cancer, and by 2030, the number of victims will double. To counter this issue, many physicians are recommending their patients take part in active surveillance (AS). By living a healthier lifestyle and monitoring the organ, AS is a strategy for men with low-grade cancers.

However, for patients with intermediate-grade and high-grade cancers, traditional checkup options such as digital rectal exams (DRE), repeat TRUS biopsies, and PSA blood draws lack the accuracy and targeted approach to keep up with their needs.

With a 95% accuracy rate, using 3T MRI to check patients’ internal organs is a game-changer. Not only is it safer because nonradioactive waves are used, but 3T MRIs can provide physicians with targeted and detailed images of the problem areas. In addition, it is noninvasive; all the patient has to do is lie down on the table and let the machine do the scanning.

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